Who Are WE?

EYES is an Ethiopian locally registered non-governmental organisation run by Ethiopians for the educational support of vulnerable Ethiopian youngsters. We are registered with the Ministry of Justice and operationally accountable to the Disaster Prevention and Protection Commission.

What we do

We give modest direct long-term individual scholarships to those vulnerable youngsters who would probably be unable to continue full-time or any education without our support. These vary from US $ 20 to 60 per month, dependent on assessed need. On application and based on strict criteria, we also pay for private further education where, due to high demand, government places are unavailable. Exceptionally we may pay for tool-kits and protective clothing; also for urgent medical expenses where sickness prevents the student from studying. We give support to a home for street children to enable the children to attend school. We give indirect long-term individual educational scholarships to Aids orphans through a local Aids support charity. When funding permits and in coordination and cooperation with the Ministry of Education and local communities, we give supplementary support for the upgrading and refurbishment of poor community built rural elementary schools. This may include building new classrooms, office and toilet blocks plus the provision of furniture. These schools are all government schools with government teachers.

How we do it

Currently and until we are better established our major funders are the UK Charity A-CET. We do get and welcome occasional funding from overseas visitors to our projects and students and we have plans for local fund raising and supporters.